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Coastal Arabians is focused on providing high-quality care to horses and animals in need - we will do everything we can to meet great expectations.
"Atari aka Jeepy"
Arabian Gelding
Retired -Resident of CAER due to is injuries
Passed on to Rainbow Bridge March 10th 2014
We Miss You Jeepy! May you run in green pastures pain free!
Donations are always welcome.
Hay $22, Grain $18 Shavings $9 or call
Lees Feed in Lockeford  209-727-0131
We are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity

Thank you to all 2015 Donors
Letters are going out and we look forward to 2016!



January 31, 2016



Dear Donor,



Thank you so much for your generous cash donation in 2015.


It is through the generosity of sponsors and donors of CAER Inc., that we can continue our mission to improve the quality of life, and even provide life for horses in need.


In 2015 we raised funds and rescued (17) seventeen precious horse lives! In January we accepted Star pony, whom was turned away from auction in CA. We then became aware of numerous Arabian or part Arabian horses in the WA feedlots. We started fundraising and we were able to rescue; Fern, Dr. Pepper, Faye, Fina, Kurt, Billy, Bess, Janet, James, Annie, Mimi and Snowflake.  We also made rescues at auction in Eugene OR and with donations saved the two stallions, the grey mare Dezi and donated to AHRE for Cookie.


Of the seventeen all were adopted with exception of Star, Bess and Janet (aka Jewel) whom reside at CAER here in CA and Snowflake whom passed away from strangles in QT.


We welcome donations year round to support our resident horses. Donations can be cash or items, even cars!






Corri Stamper

Founder CAER INC.







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