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The day isn't over but I'm taking a break from feeding/chores. 
Last night Chaps our rescue barn dog killed at least his second cat. I had suspected him but didn't have proof! 
We also rescue cats and mostly feral and socialized kittens. Barn cats get the run of the property and social cats come in/ out the house and the dog arrived in Nov 2014. 
His rules were to be good with my toddler, good with horses and good with cats. 
He is a pit bull mix most likely Rottweiler as second breed. Dumped in the country. He was not neutered and about six months old. He became our dog. 
Last night was not a single situation. I feel so bad. I make a round to check the animals and feed cats again about 9pm. Gather my house cats that evade me earlier and then let dog out to pee. 
A horrible cat scream happens and I run out with flash light to find a feral male hunkered down in bushes at side of house. 
Chaps is looking shameful and I send him in to his bed. 
Damn this isn't good. 
After an hour I get the poor wounded cat in crate. Mind you it was with a blanket and leather gloves and a cardboard box. In Nov 2015 poor TJ a socialized feral kitten was attacked and died within the hour. Before that Wild thing had been attacked and with surgery survived. Then Stripes again attacked and with vet survived. 
I couldn't get a good look at this cat. I put crate in cage with towels and heating pad and all the house cats and I sat close. 
Poor thing moaned and breathed hard for an hour more and then he was gone. 
I covered the cage with a blanket and went to bed about midnight. 
Today I showed the dog the dead cat and scolded him, bad dog. Chaps cowered and if I were my grandmother she would have tied the dead cat to the dog. But I have a toddler. Meanwhile I dig a hole and bury the cat. 
I'm mad at the dog.

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It is such a shame that those poor kittens had to suffer by the paws of your dog. I also have a dog on my own, but never did I experience this except when he killed a mouse. I think that it would be best to take him to a vet and find out if there is a problem with him. Some dogs who chase and kill cats will also kill many smaller animals who move quickly. You should do something about this, otherwise, there would be another victim.

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