Coastal Arabians  - & Equine Rescue Inc.

The Arabian Group Assistance Fund was created to offer grants to Owners needing Gelding Funds, Emergency Vet funds, Emergency Euthanasia Funds or Emergency Feed to help horses stay in homes. Application for funds will be required and any grant funds will only be paid to veterinarians or feed stores. We hope to be able to assist more owners own responsibly and assist networking horses into good homes!

Urgent Update !!!! 
We are in the process of trying to aid in a herd of Arabian horses in Bangor CA after the owner passed away. The herd is mostly stallions and a few pregnant mares. We are in need of homes and will offer gelding grant assistance to new owners. The horses are not halter trained but the ones that have been placed are quick learners and a clean slate for a new owner!!

WE NEED DONATIONS to ensure we can get these boys gelded!! 

We are also looking for a loan on pipe panels to create more pens to get a gelding clinic on site!

Please email to offer a home or questions.

Thank you !

Photos and more information can be followed on Facebook!

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